Meyers Gin ‘Silver’ KIWI BERRY 50 cl 38°


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Meyer’s Gin Silver

The Classic Genie: Meyer’s Gin Silver

The taste of classic ingredients never goes out of fashion. This all rounder enchants with its honesty, perfect balance and true flavours. The fresh kiwi berry makes for a soft, fruity flavour, which will surprise, but reassure at the same time.
Like an old friend, it takes you by the hand on a senses stimulating journey to Meyer’s Gin birthplace.
Spicy, fruity, sweet or simple: in what way ever you may like your gin, Meyer’s Gin Silver has the answer.
Timeless, inspiring and versatile: legends never die.


Style: Old Tom
ABV: 38% alc/vol – 76 proof

Content: 500ml

World Gin Awards 2018 - Best Old Tom
China Wine and Spirits 2018 - Gold Medal
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